announcing our 2022 Stewardship campaign

"here I Am, Lord."

After many, many months, Coolwater Christian Church is rapidly returning to worshipping, serving, and connecting with one another in usual, familiar ways. Looking to the future with apprehension and uncertainty has been replaced with the certainty of God’s unending, abundant love and presence.

Our annual stewardship campaign supporting our General Fund for 2022 is titled “Here I Am, Lord”. We pray that God has refreshed and renewed us, and that we are ready, willing, and able for the vital work that we are called to do. Underpinning our commitments to serve and support Coolwater is our guiding scripture from Galatians 6:2:


“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ” – To love one another as I have loved you. (John 13:34)


Your generosity is vital for Coolwater to maintain and grow the day-to-day ministries that are so important to us all. God’s infinite love and abounding grace surrounds us and sustains us each and every day. We are deeply grateful for these indescribable gifts. This is the reason we offer our gifts of time, talent, and treasure back to God.


We ask that you complete and return the enclosed commitment card to the church on or before November 28, 2021. Thank you for your prayerful consideration and for your gifts offered to God through the ministries of Coolwater Christian Church!



Our year long 2021 stewardship campaign

november 2021

A student at Palomino Intermediate School shows his appreciation for very large number of t-shirt uniforms donated through our Outreach Ministry.

Thanks to your generosity we are making a big difference in the lives of many students at the school!

During our visit we learned that toiletries and personal hygiene items, socks, and laundry detergent are desperately needed. Coolwater plans to follow up on these needs; we'll keep you posted as to how all of us can continue to help.

October 2021

In Isaiah 56:1 God says “Maintain justice and do what is right, for my salvation is close at hand and my righteousness will soon be revealed.”

The Reconciliation Ministry Special Offering is received each year in congregations on the last Sunday in September and the first Sunday in October (in solidarity with World Communion Sunday).  Funds generated by this special emphasis are used throughout the year to provide grants to ministries and congregations actively developing and implementing  programs that promote our Church’s Pro-Reconciliation and Anti-Racist identity.  These programs and efforts seek to reveal, re-educate, and remove systemic and structural barriers in our communities that serve to deny the image of God and human thriving based on race.

Your gifts to Reconciliation Ministry empowers our Church’s witness to God’s unfathomable love for all of humanity.  With your generosity, leaders, communities, and our congregations are equipped to witness to God’s love and justice in all times and in every season.  The time is always ripe to stand up for justice to ensure that all of God’s children are treated equitably.  Thank you for joining us on this journey through your generosity.

Please click HERE to access our Donate page. When making a donation select the fund Reconciliation Special Offering. Thank You!

Please click HERE to view the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Reconciliation Ministry Video.

Third quarter 2021

stewardship and financial resources

July, August, September 2021

The third quarter installment of Coolwater's year-long stewardship campaign will feature a focus on our financial resources. Sunday worship stewardship moments and offertories, suggested Bible studies, and videos will lead us through familiar territory of the relationship between money and ministry.

Along with worship, study, service, prayer, and faith sharing, Stewardship is a Spiritual Practice. Through scripture and other sources, we hope that you will grow as true Stewards, that your life's mission will engage in faithful and generous practices that benefit all of God's creation.

To learn more about Stewardship please visit our YouTube Channel HERE. Under our Stewardship Playlist Rev. Bruce Barkhauer has prepared several videos on The Bible and Stewardship.

July 2021

Scripture for Personal Study: Ephesians 3:14-21

Note the phrase “so that” in this scripture. Only through the strength of the Holy Spirit can we fully realize and appreciate God’s love for us and experience His blessings. As humans, we are limited, but the power of Jesus is unlimited and incomprehensible. Praise God!


One of the challenges of church leaders is to present financial results to members in ways that are truly informative. So often results are presented as balance sheets or income statements. If one does not have a degree in business, these formats often make no sense. A much more common sense approach may be to simply state “How Our Financial Gifts Become Mission and Ministry”. This is often referred to as a narrative approach.


In our weekly newsletter Coolwater News, we present how our stewardship is impacting our mission and ministry.



Please click the red Video link above to watch a video featuring Coolwater’s founding pastor David Shirey. Pastor David mentions a very important component of Coolwater’s stewardship – setting aside a portion of the church’s income as their tithe as a congregation.

June 2021

Father's Day


Happy Father's Day to all fathers!

It's no secret that children observe and copy the behavior patterns of their parents. Christian fathers have a great privilege in leaving behind a spiritual legacy to their children. 

May the teachings of Christ be your guiding light as raise your children and demonstrate the heart of God to them!


One can link water, fear, faith, and call to action in the scripture Mark 4:35-41, the story of Jesus calming the storm.

Water, along with food and shelter, is necessary for our survival. But it can also be a very destructive force. Think the story of Jonah and of Noah. God often calls us to places that we do not want to go. But walking with God means being willing to step into the storms and challenges of life. Faith is not a possession but a capacity - a capacity for trust. It is ever changing, stronger in some days than other days, but it is never completely gone because it is a gift from God.

May God give us the waters of new life, to let peace flow like a river and love spring forth like a fountain.

may 2021

"being the new church"

For the past thirteen months, many of us have stayed away from church to keep ourselves and our our faith community safe.

With this reality, church leaders have had to respond. An immediate focus was placed on online worship. Teams were quickly assembled and needed equipment was purchased to put live streaming of worship services in place. What we did not know about Facebook Live and Zoom, we had to quickly learn. A natural extension of this connection to our members was turning to Zoom for Bible Studies, Leadership Meetings, and Congregation Town Hall meetings.

This is a new, necessary part of Being the New Church. Thank you for your patience as we work through this new normal, and as we continue to transition to in-person worship and put in place changes to protocols of health for in-person worship and meetings!

Your gifts to our special Pentecost Offering this month will help our Arizona Region. Half of our gifts will go to our Region to support New Church Development, and half will go our our Disciples of Christ denomination's New Church Ministry. The New Church Ministry trains, equips, assists, and multiplies new church leaders.

You can give your Pentecost Offering through Coolwater's Donate page, or through the Disciples of Christ Disciples Mission Fund.

Together In Service

2021 Year long Stewardship campaign

(Scroll through this page to see our monthly Stewardship themes)

For Members Only, If you would like to submit your pledge online

Please Click Here.


Together In Service 2021


One of the most beautiful sights of Christmas is all the glittering lights. From neighbor’s beautifully decorated homes to a simple, lighted special ornament on our tree, an ordinary setting is magically transformed into a scene that lifts our spirits and builds a sense of anticipation.


Alas, the lights have been turned off, taken down, and put away for another year. But the Good News is that the light of Christ within each of us is never turned off, regardless of the season. It is the light that burns brighter than any Christmas light.


“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 

Matthew 5: 14-15


The Financial Stewardship program for Coolwater Christian Church is Together In Service 2021.


Together, we plan to actively be a shining light to our local community by providing monthly Outreach projects.


Together, we plan to actively support our Disciples denomination’s Moments for Mission.


Together, we plan to fully underwrite our 2021 budget with the loving gifts from members and Friends of Coolwater and be fiscally responsible with our building upkeep and utilization.


Together, we plan to continue our search for a permanent pastor and financially prepare for their calling.


Together, we understand that we are the light of the world and that God’s light shines through us to those all around us.


Your financial support is vital to Coolwater as we enter into 2021. We encourage you to make your light shine by making a financial pledge to our stewardship campaign.


Pledges can be made by filling out and returning the enclosed financial pledge card or going to our website, navigating to our Together In Service page, and clicking on the online financial pledge link.


Thank you for your service and financial support to Coolwater! May we rejoice in God’s ability to use all of us to His glory as we let His light within each of us shine!


Blessings to All this Christmas Season and Happy New Year,



Rick Gates                                        Lynn Allen                                         Dick Huggins

Sr. Interim Pastor                             Moderator                                         Treasurer









april 2021

Our Together In Service stewardship theme for April is Creation Care.

April 22 marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day. The mission of Earth Day is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. This movement focuses on promoting clean living, and a healthy sustainable habitat for people and wildlife alike.

As one of 185 Disciples congregations certified as a Green Chalice congregation, Coolwater has entered into covenant to continually evaluate, educate and practice good stewardship of God's creation, including our facilities and practices.

For our Third Saturday Outreach, please donate Toiletries for the Foothills Food Bank.

Donations will be collected at the church on Saturday, April 17th, between 9AM and 1PM. We will also be distributing food for patrons of the Food Bank. Volunteers are always needed and  appreciated!

Coolwater is a weekend food distribution site for Foothills Food Bank. The Food Bank is closed on the weekends, so this is a tremendous benefit to those who are experiencing food shortages.

This is a wonderful opportunity to share our abundance with those who are having a difficult time.

March 2021

Together In Service 2021


Our Together In Service theme for March is Journey. Many members have formed  Prayer Groups during this Lenten Season. For many of the groups, the Lenten devotional Go To Jerusalem by Mary Alice Mulligan is being used as a resource. Throughout the devotional, readers are putting their hands in Jesus', journeying with Him to Jerusalem. Our prayer for you is that this Lenten season is a time for reflection of what it means to be a true follower of Jesus.

For our 3rd Saturday Outreach project for March, we will be collecting bottled water and distributing food for those who are experiencing a food shortage. Foothills Food Bank is closed on Saturday, but we have partnered with Foothills to provide needed food on the 3rd Saturday of each month. If you would like to assist, we will be serving from 9AM to 1PM at the church.

On Palm Sunday, March 28th and Easter, April 4th, we will be receiving a special Easter Offering supporting the Disciples Mission Fund of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Gifts to the Fund support various ministries within the Disciples church. Giving through Coolwater or directly to offers opportunities for Disciples to journey as missionaries, attend college or seminary, and so much more. 

february 2021

Together In Service 2021



Love will be our Stewardship theme in February as we continue our Together In Service 2021 campaign. We plan to show our love in a Biblical sense; showing compassion, sharing our blessings, and meeting the needs of our brothers and sisters who are struggling.


We will be showing and sharing love to Child Crisis Arizona and to the Disciples of Christ Week of Compassion initiative.


Child Crisis Arizona


On Saturday, February 20th, we will be hosting a Drive-Thru at the church to benefit Child Crisis Arizona. We will be collecting items most needed: Diapers sizes 4,5 & 6, and baby wipes. Items can be dropped off between 9AM and 1PM.


Week of Compassion  “Let Love Flow”


When you share your gifts to Week of Compassion, you “Let Love Flow.” Your generosity ensures that, even in the midst of uncertainty, the transforming power of compassion continues to change the world.


Special Week of Compassion elements will be included in our February worship services. 


Thank you for joining Coolwater in showing our love to Child Crisis Arizona and the Week of Compassion!





January 2021 Outreach

On January 23rd, Coolwater hosted a very successful Drive-Thru food drive benefitting Foothills Food Bank & Resource Center.

In addition to the food and paper products donated, we also collected over $500 in cash donations.

In partnership with other area food banks, Foothills Food Bank will be able to purchase additional food items at prices much lower than what is available to the general public. Often times, the Food Bank will be able to purchase 2-3 items at the price the public would pay for one.

"Thank You!" to our Outreach Team and the church members who gave of their time and energy to work at the Drive-Thru and receive the donations. The work of the volunteers and those who donated have made a positive difference in the lives of those in our community who are facing food insecurity.