We're On The Move

On Sunday March 12th our congregation voted in favor of an arrangement to put our building and property up for sale.  The financial burden of the staggering mortgage compels us to this course of action.  So we face this season in the life of Coolwater and beyond with uncertainty about our future location.

We are on a unique journey as a congregation.  This journey peers into uncertain times before us.  Some things are completely out of our hands.  However, some things we have some measure of control over in the life of Coolwater Christian Church.  At this point in our life together as a congregation, we have choices about how we respond.

On this page we will keep you informed as to what plans we are considering as we move forward, and let you know the decisions that have been made.

Our Lenten Season sermon series was titled "Bloom Where You Are Planted". With that in mind, we intend to make the most of where and when we are in this time of our lives.

We are still here at 56th Street and Dynamite. While we are planted here we will continue our ministry. We will continue to gather and live stream our services on Sunday mornings. We will have times of prayer as a congregation and as individuals. We will offer times for study and fellowship.

We will continue to engage in Outreach. We will continue to host AA meetings on Monday afternoons and Wednesday evenings. We will continue to host the women of Mission Grove Church on Thursday mornings. We will continue to be Church.

Yes, our future is uncertain. There are a lot of questions and decisions before us. But just as God stepped in and gave us the wonder and hope of Easter and the Resurrection, we know that He will be with us and guide us in these times before us.

Congregation meal & Meeting on tuesday May 9th at 6PM

On Tuesday, May 9, members of Coolwater are invited to gather for a Future Visioning Evening.  This meeting is highly important to our future direction as a congregation.  The meeting time will be facilitated by Rev. Dr. Jay R. Hartley, Regional Minister and President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)in Arizona.  The meeting time will last about an hour and a half.

After the meal Rev. Hartley will lead us through a discussion and visioning process designed to help us consider the future of our ministry. Yes, we don’t know how long we will be here or where we will be further into the future.  However, we need to start this process now.

There are factors to consider and plans that can be initiated while we are yet at this location.  Our discussions together now will greatly shape the future of our congregation.  We urge you to make your best effort to attend.  If you do not want to drive at night, then someone will be glad to come get you!  We need the people of Coolwater here for this meeting.  The shape of our future depends on it and on you!