Small groups @ Coolwater

We know that it is getting hard to connect in our ever-isolating world. Small groups at Coolwater are designed to create space for relationships to develop. We offer a variety of ongoing and seasonal small groups where you can get connected with others to explore and deepen your faith. 

Check Coolwater's calendar for upcoming gatherings.

  • men's bible study

    Each Wednesday our guys gather at Coolwater to enjoy a home-cooked meal, fellowship and Bible study either at a home or at the church. Through conversation, study, and questioning the men develop a deeper faith in God and a more personal relationship with Jesus and each other. Join this group each week at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. Contact the church office for directions and meeting information. 

  • Disciples women's ministry

    Throughout the year our women join together to enjoy fellowship, study, service and community. Join us as we gather to explore our faith and deepen our relationships. This group is open to everyone who is interested in exploring the many ways God moves in our lives. Contact the church office for dates and times.

  • Lenten prayer groups

    During the Lenten Season we establish small prayer groups. Together we explore creative ways to pray and deepen our faith as well as scripture that centers us. For more information on joining a prayer group, please email the church office.

  • monthly Outreach group

    We know as followers of Jesus mission must come first. Each month we have a small group who gathers to participate in community focused mission activities where we give back to the community and help build up God's Kingdom here on this earth. To volunteer in our Outreach efforts please contact our church office for ongoing information to join this group.