mission & outreach

At Coolwater, we put mission first. As God's people we know what we do locally and globally matters. To be a relevant church we understand that we must be involved in what is going on in the world beyond ourselves. Mission is a central focus and high priority in our community. Below are the ways in which we live out being church beyond our doors. 

  • Local Mission

    We believe we are called to grow where we are planted. That is why Coolwater is deeply invested in our local community. We partner with local nonprofit organizations to give back to our community through our time, talents, and treasures. We are constantly working hard with our ministry partners to ensure our community grows strong as we reach out to help those in need. 

  • global mission

    At Coolwater we recognize we are part of a larger global community. We believe that God is active in all parts of this world. We believe we are called to care for our neighbors down the street and our neighbors across the world. That is why we participate in mission trips that are beyond our borders. That is why we participate in projects that serve God's children in numerous countries. That is why we partner with organizations that focus on global relief and mission all over the world. 

    Every February, Coolwater participates in a Mexico Mission Trip in partnership with Amor Ministries where we build a house. Stay tuned for more details on our next trip. 

  • ministry partners

    As with everything in life, we know we cannot do this alone. Below are the many organizations we are happy to call our partners in ministry.

  • monthly mission group

    Every month the Coolwater community participates in an Outreach project. We call this our Monthly Outreach Group. This is an opportunity for everyone to participate in a hands-on outreach project that helps us live out our values and beliefs. Check our calendar for our latest project or contact us for details on how to get involved. 

    Questions about Mission and Outreach? Send an e-mail to: admin@CoolwaterChurch.org.