2021 Fall festival Planning

Coolwater members, we are starting to plan for a Fall Festival to be held on October 23, 2021.

Below is a video of our initial panning meeting held on August 29th. "Thank you" for all who attended and shared your thoughts and concerns.

Because of possible Covid restrictions, our Fall Festival is not definite at this time. However, if we decide to go forward with the event, we want all the planning and tasks required to be in place.

Please consider volunteering or leading the following Festival committees: Pumpkin Patch, Food Truck(s), Live Music/Concert, Publicity, Set up/Take down, and Budget. Send an email to admin@coolwaterchurch.org and let us know of you interest!

As you can see, We Need Many Hands! Please join us as we plan for this important, and fun!, community event.



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