updated August 5, 2020

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Coolwater Town Hall

August 16, 2020

Our next Town Hall will be on Sunday, August 19 at 11:15 am.  After worship we will gather on Zoom for a time of being together – virtually and safely!  Our first Town Hall was back in late June.  One of the things we enjoyed the most was the opportunity to be together, even remotely.  It gave us a feeling of connecting with each other.  That is important to do in these times. The Town Hall on August 16 will be a time of conversation and enjoying “seeing” each other.  There will also be a few topics we will discuss and church news to share during this online time together.  I hope to see you then!


Pastor Rick


Coolwater Christian Church is continuing to live stream only our Sunday morning worship service at 10AM.

Sunday Morning Live! Worship
August 9, 2020
Opening Song - "Ancient Words"
Prayers of the People
Special Music - "All For You" 
Scripture - Matthew 21:23-32 (NIV)
Sermon - "Living With Authority"
Communion Song - "Here at Thy Table, Lord" vs.2

Sit at the feast, dear Lord, break thou the bread
Fill thou the cup that brings life to the dead
That we find in thee, pardon and peace
And from all bondage win a full release.
Go Now in Peace



Pastor Rick Gates

I was thinking that it might be helpful to spend a Reflection giving you information about the changes that have occurred in our on-line worship service.  This format began the week after worship had been cancelled on March 15, due to the massive spread of coronavirus across the country. A small group of Coolwater members began communicating about how to address this unprecedented situation   Through discussions, conversations, and texts this group made plans to present our first online worship on March 22, 2020.  At that time we had little idea about how long this way of presenting worship would last.  


On March 22 we presented most of the worship service normally experienced at Coolwater.  It was way too long!  We began to streamline the parts of worship.  One of the first lesson learned was about the length of the service.  There is a distinct difference in the “watchability” and retention of interest between in-person worship and an on-line experience.  On-line experiences need to be shorter to retain interest.  There is also a different feel to it.  Viewer attention is aided by more changes to the worship space and pace.


We began recording in portrait mode rather than landscape mode.  The phone we were using at the time could only work in portrait mode.  Michael Foster faithfully panned the camera back and forth to focus on what was occurring during the parts of the worship service.  Now by using another phone for streaming we are able to present the service in landscape mode.  


However, using landscape mode presented a new challenge. We needed to move the worship setting in closer so that the worship space wouldn’t appear so large and spread out.  This created a closer “feel” to the worship.  We are using a smaller communion table setting also to give the worship space a closer feel.  


When we are presenting the sermon, the pastor needs to basically remain in one spot in our online worship. Moving the camera back and forth would create a distracting, even jarring, feel. The use of the wood stool gave a more relaxed and natural atmosphere to the sermon in this online setting.  It is certainly easier to present the sermon this way than just standing in one spot!  For another change of pace and setting we are using a chair now. 


In conversations as the worship team, reviewing the recordings, and with contributed comments, we are continuously seeking to improve online worship as we go along.  We ponder questions about the service.  How can we improve the service?  What can we vary?  What do we need to offer each Sunday? 


Over time, the worship team noticed some things or new ideas occurred to us.  For example, you may have noticed the brick design fabric behind the cross that is covering up the brown wall behind.  Why is that there now?  Good Question!  Places on the brown wall behind are peeling away from the surface, exposing the white surface underneath.  These spots had become quite noticeable.  Our solution was to put up the brick design fabric to cover up those places.   


We had a wide range of comments about the sound, especially in the first few weeks.  Apparently for some people how the sound was heard depended on what kind of device was used to view the service.  The sound from the speakers at church wasn’t loud enough, or clear enough in the online streaming.  Now we have new microphones that attach directly into the phone, which has greatly improved our sound quality. 


It has been a learning experience and an adventure.  The worship team meets every Sunday to bring worship to you, since you can’t be at church.  `I am glad to be a part of Coolwater and to be working with you to continue our ministry.  We are finding creative solutions and new ideas as we continue to be the church at this time.  I am glad to be riding along with you during the journey!


Special thanks goes out to the Worship Team: Michael Foster, Susan Foster, Kevin Glenn, Dick Huggins, Sonya Tinault, Carole Williams, Rick Gates


Pastor Rick


Our Current Sermon Series


August 9, 2020                                                                                                                                                      “Living With Authority”                                                                                            

Matthew 21:23-32                                                                                                          

Jesus has an encounter with Jewish religious officials about by what authority he is conducting his ministry.  Jesus then tells the parable story of the two sons.  How does what we do and say show whose “authority” we follow?

August 16, 2020

“Living With a Divine Standard”                                                                             

Matthew 22:15-22                                                                                                                

A group of Pharisees once again attempts to entrap Jesus with a question.  This time it concerns a coin and paying taxes to Caesar.  Jesus says that we are to give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and give to God the things that are God’s.  What does that mean? How are we doing at giving to God the things that are God’s? 


August 23, 2020

“Living With Preparation”

Matthew 25:1-3 Jesus tells the parable about the ten bridesmaids.  Five are wise and five are foolish.  What does it mean for us to be prepared or ready?  What can we hear in this parable about living a Christian life?

August 30, 2020                                                                                                           

“Living With Talents”

Matthew 25:14-30

Jesus teaches through the Parable of the Talents in these verses from Matthew.  What meaning does this parable hold for us today and “talents” we have been given?



Our Coolwater Nominating Committee


Good Day Everyone,


I want to let you know that our nominating committee for leadership positions for 2020-2021 has been formed and is meeting.


The committee members are:

Chris Bonta

Diane Foley

Susan Foster

Iliana Rowhani

Renee Ryan

Susan Viher


The committee will be selecting and recruiting members for our leadership positions. Individuals selected will be presented to our Board to be approved. The list of nominees will then be presented to the congregation for their approval.


I want to strongly encourage all of you to consider serving Coolwater in one of our positions. Please do not hesitate to contact one of the committee members to talk about your interest. Your expressed interest will be invaluable to the committee in their work. The committee members can let you know of the positions available.


People often ask themselves “Am I qualified?”. My answer to that is, ‘the most important qualification is the strong desire to be of service to Coolwater’. Everything else will fall into place. You will be supported.


For those who are presently serving, and for those who will be serving in this upcoming year, I want to sincerely say “Thank You!”. We are all needed; all of us can contribute in many ways.


Dick Huggins





Week of: 7-6-20

We need folks to look for these items while your shopping:

Liquid Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer
Sanitizer Wipes
Bottled Juice
Cream Soup
Canned Fruit

Please consider bringing your donation to the church office during office hours:  
Tuesdays (9-2), Wednesdays (9-2), and Thursdays (9-2)


Please read our Weekly Newsletter for the most current information. If you are not receiving the newsletter and would like to, please email admin@coolwaterchurch.org and ask Karen Blue to add your email address.


Thanks to all who are joining us on Facebook Live each Sunday! Coolwater will continue to live stream our worship services each Sunday at 10AM. Go to facebook.com/coolwaterchurch to view the live stream. The recorded live post is also available on this website under our LIVE STREAM button.




When it comes to technology, all of us want things that just work!  We have activated the mobile device giving platform built into our existing giving provider Clover Give. Easy, convenient and secure giving is now available at any time and anywhere through your mobile device!

The Church by MinistryOne app features the PURPLE LOGO seen on the left

To get started with mobile giving, download the Church by MinistryOne app. On the opening screen do a quick search for Coolwater. This will designate Coolwater as the recipient of your gift. After a one-time personal profile setup which includes personal and banking information, you can quickly and easily set up and process your donation. Gifts can set up to be a one-time donation or a recurring donation. Clover Give with the integrated MinistryOne feature offers secure data protection.


Church Office Hours:

Tuesday-Thursday 9AM to 2PM

Telephone: 480-585-5554


Please contact directly the groups and organizations that meet at Coolwater for any changes in their meeting times:

Desert Outpouring

The Desert Outpouring nesting church is NOT presently holding in-person worship services.

Angela 480-338-4865

The AA meetings on Mondays at 4PM  are meeting in-person at the church at this time. Please contact  mitch@hotelheadhunter.com for confirmation.

The AA meetings on Wednesday evenings are presently meeting in-person at Coolwater at 7PM.


Youn Wha United Martial Arts has suspended their training class at the church. Please contact John for additional information.

John 602-363-0946

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